Friday, November 8, 2013

Are pranks bullying?

"Pranking" has been around for as long as we can remember. There are many different forms of pranking, some good, and some bad. It really depends on the content of the prank, and if it puts people is harms way. Doing a prank to somebody saying "oh my god your dads dead!" Is not a prank, it's bullying. If you go on YouTube and type in "pranks" you'll find pages and pages of people doing public pranks. 90% of them are all in good fun and trying to make the person smile after. There's a prank online of two kids pulling a prank on their drunk friend by creating a simulated fake coffin because they know his biggest fear is being buried alive. They do so, and their friend screams in fright and falls off the table almost breaking his neck.. Yeah their friends and all, but that's bullying.

Most bullying in general the kids say "it was all in good fun" or "I was just joking." Obviously it wasn't because of how the other person must have felt. Pranks become bullying when things get too personal and dives into people's biggest fears. You can still do a prank, just keep it fun. Sometimes doing a prank of someone pretending to be a cat in Walmart (it does exist..) can be funnier.

I can't remember a prank that happened to me that I thought went to far to where I was upset. I usually laugh about after.

I do remember doing a stupid prank one time to my "friend" Joe Nixon. He picked me up and while he was in my house, my other friend got into his car and laid in the backseat covering himself with a
blanket. We drove away and for 10 minutes Joe had no idea. Finally my friend screamed right behind us and Joe screamed back and started swerving. I've never seen somebody so scared. We all laughed about it afterwards, but it probably wasn't the best thing to do while driving.