Tuesday, February 25, 2014


— How much control do you think you have over your fate?
I believe a good 90%. I say 90% because the work I want to get into is all about the connections you make. I want to be a camera operator in films and to really achieve that job you can't really go into an office and apply. You have to meet people in the business and they recommend you to film it. After while you keep building your resume with films and then you get hired left and right. I bring back the 90% because I have to get myself out there to meet people. I can't just sit around in Maine and wait for the phone to ring, I have to start making connections right away after college. The other 10% relies on the people I do get to meet and work with. 

— Do you think you will be better or worse off than your parents? In what ways? Why?
That's hard to say.. My parents both have very different jobs the what I want to do. My parents do well for themselves, and I don't quite know how much a camera operator get paid. It depends on how much work I can get as an operator to determine if I'll be better or worse then my parents. I'm hoping for better off, but I don't quite know yet. 

— Do you feel your fate is already predetermined by your lineage — your parents and ancestors? Or do you feel you are in the driver’s seat in determining your own success?
I strongly believe I'm in the drivers seat taking action on my own dreams. Of course I get pushed along from time to time but I feel like I have the control. No one in my family has ever gone near the industry I want to be in so I would finally be doing something different. Both my dad and grandfather were salesmen, so I'm going the complete opposite direction. Most of my family has found success, so I do think I will be able to find success as well. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PultixerrdD price

The Pulitzer Prize an award for the best editorial writen each year.

1. Daniel Bruth & Tim Nickens wrote these articles for the Tampa bay times.

2. Dental stuff involving fluoride.

3. They keep on writing "fact" and "claim" before they're about to say something boring and dull. It takes you out of the article because anyone can just copy and paste facts.

4. Yes you can easily tell that most articles are very biased wether they try to hide it or not.

5. It's more formal and boring. These articles aren't as interesting as a feature article because with feature articles you can connect more with your reader and can sense a personality without being biased.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Creative stuff

Is everyone creative?
Yes, I believe that everyone is capable of being creative. You just have to put your mind too it and spend some time thinking and brainstorming ideas and you'll be able to create wonders. I think you can learn to be creative because it takes time to be creative.

Do you wish you could take a creative writing class?
Yeah I think it could be a lot of fun. I feel like I can be creative if I really sit down and focus and it would be interesting to learn the different methods of how to be more creative.

What of these problems annoy me?
Definetly the roommate talking until 4 in the morning. Especially if your in college you have a big day ached of you. The sound proof curtain is awesome, but it would make the room incredibly small, but I think it would be a great idea.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Art of Interviewing

What are the rules of interviewing?
1. Don't ask yes or no questions
2. Keep it short
3. Make the questions more important than the answer.

Not to do while interviewing:
Don't make the interview about yourself, focus in on the person being interviewed and try to get them to open up and not ask questions that will just give viewers aka Howard Stern.

Troubles I've encountered?
I interviewed one kid who'll I'll name.. Doe Mixon.. Who gave me nothing but one word short answer s throughout the whole interview. He clearly didn't care about the topic and wanted to focus on Asphalt 8 instead.

What can I do to improve?
Try to make the topic relevant to the person and try to get them to connect with it. I should of asked Doe Mixon some questions that he could possibly relate too.