Monday, March 24, 2014

Climate Change

In environmental science we've done a lot of assignments based on climate change. We did a weather unit recently and learned about all the different weather patterns. Other than that we haven't really learned about climate changes freshman year we should have but didn't. I'm very much used to the climate in Maine. Summers are extremely nice and hot and winters are brutally cold and miserable.

Schools should teach more on climate change and to study the patterns. Obviously everyone keep on talking about how the world is going to end and our earth will be polluted, so something we can chose to do is recycle more. Bottles, paper, plastic, anything that's recyclable. Maybe instead  of in school suspension when they just sit in a room all day playing iPad games they can pick up trash?

It's quite concerning to really think about it. In the article it mentions that spring comes early and ice starts melting. It's very odd because this year in January the temperatures reached 50 degrees. That's not right.. Especially for Maine. We didn't get snow until February for the past few years so something is off with the seasons. There' isn't really much we can do on the matter other than do huge best we can with cleaning up.


  1. Spencer I know you're not here today which makes me sad because I know I won't get a nice comment. But anyways I thought your idea for in school suspension was a really good idea. I also thought you used a very strong example.

  2. I do think that schools should teach more about weather change and how it effects us and what we could do to help with it.

  3. The points you bring up about how winter is coming later and spring is coming sooner is very interesting, and probably scary for an avid skier such as yourself.