Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ferternities Are Wack

— Do you want to join a fraternity or sorority? Why or why not?
I don't personally see myself joining a fertinity. I have a inside joke with one of my friends that all fertinity members are still in the closet with too much testosterone. Obviously it's not the case though.  I've heard lots of stories about pledging and hazing. My sisters boyfriend has told me about a time he had to kidnap someone. It doesn't sound fun at all, but once your in, I can see how it would be pretty fun. You make great connections and lifetime friends in fertinitys so it can be a good thing, we just hear about all the bad stuff. If all fertinitys were like the ones in Monsters University I would go. 

— What do you think fraternities could do to police themselves? Is what Sigma Alpha Epsilon doing enough?
They could easily settle down with the hazing and pledging. Look back in history.. 12 people have died because of the fertinity. That's not a small number, that's huge. 12 lives gone because they are so stupid. Cut down the hazing even if they get somebody like Pimmy, it's not okay. Sigmas Alpha Epsilon I think is heading in the right direction cutting out pledging and hazing. 

— What do you think would be lost if there were no fraternities on college campuses? What might be gained? Would banning fraternities substantially lessen problems like sexual violence and alcohol-fueled injuries and deaths on college campuses or not?
From what I've seen from ferternities is in movies. From what I've heard from ferternities was second hand experience. I don't know what would actually happen if they got rid do ferternities, but my guess is that there would be a lot less parties, and hopefully more lives saved. 


  1. I like the point about cutting down hazing to save lives, I doubt mike and sully would ever haze anyone.

  2. I agree with what you said about more lives being saved if fraternities were to be banned. I also like how you referenced how many people have died because of Hazings and pledging.

  3. You make some really good points here. It does seem like it would make sense to cut down on hazing if people were dying because of it. Why don't you see yourself ever joining a fraternity?

  4. I like what you said about the fraternities